UT210E EEPROM Calculator


This script is intended to modify a binary UniTrend UT210E EEPROM dump to change its ASIC configuration. Start by uploading the original EEPROM dump. The page should load all values and display the current configuration. Once loaded use the quick setting buttons or dedicated input boxes to change the configuration to your requirements. Lastly scroll to the very bottom of the page, verify changes and download the modified EEPROM dump. Most functionality is untested. Using it might cause permanent damage to your device or brain. Use at your own risk.


Upload your binary EEPROM dump here. It will be used as a basis as it contains calibration data specific to your device.

Quick Settings



Native functions are selected when rotating the function selector to the appropiate selection. Functions 1 to 3 can be selected by pressing the blue select button. Note that besides this software configuration the selector also changes measurement connections, so for example configuring a voltage measurement to an ampere range won't work.


The UT210E is sold as 2000 Counts, however this is an artificial limitation, probably to not cannibalize more expensive models. Depending on the IC used in your device it is actually rated for 6000 (DTM0660L/older units) or 9999 (DM1106EN/newer units) counts. There is a bug: When >2000 counts and zeroizing is used on 2A-Range it will still max out at ~2A. You can circument this by using 6000A countless, however you need to copy calibration data.



...and more?

There are several other configuration registers I was too lazy to implement. Feel free to submit a pull request!

Raw Data

You probably do not want to touch anything here. Just download the new EEPROM file below once done.